In the event of severe weather, characterized as imminent rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds, and hail, Big Screen Events reserves the right to protect its own equipment delaying equipment setup or to pause a showing until suitable weather conditions permit the showing to continue.  In extreme cases it may be necessary to cancel the event. We generally suggest that you have an indoor backup location in mind in case of bad weather. With the purchase of our weather guarantee* setting up a different date will be easy.

Setup Procedure:

Our event staff will arrive before sunset to setup your movie screen. It usually takes us between 45 minutes to an hour to setup the screen and audio. After that, we test the audio and projection equipment after dusk.  At the end of your showing, we tear down the screen and audio unless otherwise specified.


DVD policy:

We will use whatever DVD you supply us with.  We will have at least 2 different ways of playing that DVD on site. We cannot make any guarantees about the playability of your DVD.  In the unlikely event that your DVD will not play smoothly in either one of our units you will have the option of providing us with a unit that you know works or selecting a different DVD.  As we cannot control the quality of your DVD no refund will be given based on the inability to play.

Public Performance Licensing

If you are simply showing this to a private party in your backyard no licensing is required.

If showing in a public situation you will need to obtain the proper licensing for the movie rights.  This is actually a very easy process.  Two companies are available to get you these rights.  They are Swank ( and Criterion (  We can help you in this process so that you have everything you need.